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- Noun

An oversounding, or a misuse, of the letter r; specifically (Phylol.), the tendency, exhibited in the Indo-European languages, to change s to r, as wese to were.

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  • Rhotacism

    Rhotacism may refer to: * Rhotacism (sound change), the sound change converting a consonant

  • Rhotacism (sound change)

    Rhotacism () or rhotacization is a sound change that converts one consonant (usually a voiced

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    In medical contexts, rhotacism () is the inability to pronounce or difficulty in pronouncing r

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  • R-colored vowel

    In phonetics, an r-colored or rhotic vowel (also called a retroflex vowel, vocalic r, or a rhotacized vowel) is a vowel that is modified in a way that results in a lowering in frequency of the third formant. R-colored vowels can be articulated in various ways: the tip or blade of the tongue may be turned up during at least part of the articulation of the vowel (a retroflex articulation) or the back of the tongue may be bunched. In addition, the vocal tract may often be constricted in the region of the epiglottis.

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    -Pierre Cassel and Britt Ekland. A young boy struggles to overcome his speech problem (rhotacism

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