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- Noun

One of a proposed class of flowering plants growning on the roots of other plants and destitute of green foliage.

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  • Rhizobium rhizogenes

    Rhizobium rhizogenes (formerly Agrobacterium rhizogenes) is a Gram-negative soil bacterium that produces hairy root disease in dicotyledonous plants. R. rhizogenes induces the formation of proliferative multiple-branched adventitious roots at the site of infection, so-called 'hairy roots'.

  • Rhizogene

    Rhizogene is a genus of fungi in the family Venturiaceae.

  • Drought rhizogenesis

    Drought rhizogenesis is an adaptive root response to drought stress. New emerging roots are short, swollen, and hairless, capable of retaining turgor pressure and resistant to prolonged desiccation. Upon rewatering, they are capable of quickly forming an absorbing root surface and hair growth. This rhizogenesis has been called a drought tolerance strategy for after-stress recovery.

  • Rhizoxenia

  • Rhizoxin


    Rhizoxin is an antimitotic agent with anti-tumor activity. It is isolated from a pathogenic plant fungus (Rhizopus microsporus ) which causes rice seedling blight.

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