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- Noun

Any old-world bat of the genus Rhinopoma. The rhinopomes have a long tail extending beyond the web, and inhabit caves and tombs.

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  • Lesser mouse-tailed bat

    The lesser mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma hardwickii) is a species of microbat in the family

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    The Egyptian mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma cystops) is a species of mouse-tailed bat found in North Africa and the Middle East.

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    The Yemeni mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma hadramauticum) is an endangered species of bat found

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    The greater mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum) is a species of bat in the Rhinopomatidae family.

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    The Macinnes's mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma macinnesi) is a species of bat in the Rhinopomatidae

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    The small mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma muscatellum) is a species of bat in the Rhinopomatidae family

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