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- Noun

A reverberatory furnace.

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  • Reverberatory furnace

    Reverberatory furnace

    A reverberatory furnace is a metallurgical or process furnace that isolates the material being processed from contact with the fuel, but not from contact with combustion gases. The term reverberation is used here in a generic sense of rebounding or reflecting , not in the acoustic sense of echoing.

  • The Reverberator

    The Reverberator is a short novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in Macmillan's Magazine in 1888 and then as a book later the same year. Described by the leading web authority on Henry James as "a delightful Parisian bonbon," the comedy traces the complications that result when nasty but true stories about a Paris family get into the American scandal sheet of the novel's title.

  • Autowave reverberator

    In the theory of autowave phenomena an autowave reverberator is an autowave vortex in a two-dimensional active medium.

  • Reverberate (horse)

    Reverberate (horse)

    Reverberate is a racing horse owned by Centennial Farms. She was bred by Edward Seltzer Trust and sired by Thunder Gulch with Peggibonsi as the dam.

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