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- Noun

The state of being restored; recovery of health, strength, etc.; as, restoration from sickness.

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  • Restoration

    Restoration may refer to:

  • Image restoration theory

    Introduced by William Benoit, image restoration theory (also known as image repair theory) outlines strategies that can be used to restore one's image in an event where reputation has been damaged. Image restoration theory can be applied as an approach for understanding personal or organizational crisis situations. This theory can be applied to both individual and organizational crisis situations. Image repair theory is a component of crisis communication, which is a sub-specialty of public relations. Its purpose is to protect an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation.

  • National Restoration (Peru)

    National Restoration (Peru)

    National Restoration (Spanish: Restauración Nacional) is a Peruvian political party controlled by Evangelical Christians and associated with Christian fundamentalism. At the legislative elections held on 9 April 2006, the party won 4.0% of the popular vote and 2 out of 120 seats in the Congress of the Republic.

  • Restoration Path

    Restoration Path, known as Love In Action (LIA) until March 2012, is an ex-gay Christian ministry founded in 1973.

  • Restoration Council

    Restoration Council may refer to:

  • The Restoration Game

    The Restoration Game is a 2010 science fiction/techno-thriller novel by Ken MacLeod.

  • Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement

    The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) is an American multi-party legal agreement determining river usage and water rights involving the Klamath River and Klamath Basin in the states of California and Oregon. Discussion of the KBRA began in 2005 and was ultimately signed into law in February 2010.

  • Demographic history of Japan before the Meiji Restoration

    This article is about the demographic features of the population of Japan before the Meiji Restoration.

  • Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project

    The Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project, now known as the Hamilton/Bel Marin Keys Wetlands Restoration is a wetlands habitat restoration project at the former Hamilton Air Force Base—Hamilton Army Airfield (1930−1988) site and adjacent Bel Marin Keys shoreline, in Marin County, California.

  • Conservation and restoration of leather objects

    The conservation and restoration of leather objects is the process of investigating causes of deterioration followed by the best practices of cleaning and restoration to ensure the future protection of leather objects for use or display.

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