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- Noun

The keeper of an eathing house or a restaurant.

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  • Peter Buck (restaurateur)

    Peter Buck (born December 19, 1930) is an American physicist, restaurateur, and philanthropist. He co-founded the Subway fast food restaurant chain.

  • Bob Chinn (restaurateur)

    Bob Chinn (born March 2, 1923) is a United States restaurateur. His most well known creation is Bob Chinn's Crab House, in Wheeling, Illinois, which was ranked by Forbes magazine in August 2012 as the top grossing restaurant in America with an estimated $24 million in revenue.

  • Brian McKenna (restaurateur)

    Brian McKenna (born May 25, 1977) is a British-born chef and restaurateur who is best known for becoming head chef at the (now closed) Michelin-starred Le Poussin at Parkhill restaurant in Hampshire, southern England at the age of 21. McKenna is currently based in Beijing, China where he has opened a series of restaurants and catering businesses.

  • Simon Wright (restaurateur)

    Simon Wright is a food writer, broadcaster and restaurateur.

  • Peter Evans (restaurateur)

    Peter Evans (restaurateur)

    Peter Evans (28 December 1926 – 19 July 2014 in Frinton-on-Sea) was a restaurateur. He was described by journalist Linda Blandford, writing in The Observer, 9 March 1975 as a "harbinger who heralded the youth culture with one of Soho's first coffee bars, The Cat's Whisker, where Tommy Steele strummed... Evans also foresaw the coming of increasing spending on dining out with his chain of Aberdeen Angus Steak Houses. and the David Nightingale Hicks - decorated Peter Evans Eating Houses. " In short, he tapped in early to the "post-war creative renaissance."

  • David Moore (Restaurateur)

  • Arthur Bryant (restaurateur)

    Arthur Bryant (1900 – December 28, 1982, aged 82) was a purveyor of Kansas City barbecue who operated Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • John Leech (restaurateur)

    John Leech (December 23, 1934 – March 18, 2009) was co-founder of the Onyx Cafe in Los Angeles. The Onyx, which was popular with writers and members of the bohemian scene, was a place, according to the Los Angeles Times, where "a lot of books were written and a lot of black was worn."

  • John Tovey (restaurateur)

    John Tovey MBE (19 May 1933 – 8 September 2018) was an English restaurateur and one of the first celebrity chefs in Britain in the 1970s. He was known for the Miller Howe hotel and restaurant in Windemere which he owned from 1971 to 1998.

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