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- Noun

A grayish green color, like that of the flowers of mignonette.

- Noun

A genus of plants, the type of which is mignonette.

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  • Reseda

    Reseda may refer to:

  • Reseda luteola

    Reseda luteola

    Reseda luteola is a plant species in the genus Reseda. Common names include dyer's rocket, dyer's weed, weld, woold, and yellow weed. A native of Eurasia, the plant can be found in North America as an introduced species and common weed.

  • Reseda station

    Reseda station

    Reseda is a station on the Los Angeles Metro Orange Line, in the Metro Busway system. It is named after adjacent Reseda Boulevard, which travels north-south and crosses the east-west busway route. The station is in the Los Angeles districts of Reseda and Tarzana.

  • Reseda odorata

    Reseda odorata

    Reseda odorata is a species of flowering plant in the reseda family known by many common names, including garden mignonette and common mignonette. It is probably native to the Mediterranean Basin, but it can sometimes be found growing in the wild as an introduced species in many parts of the world. These introductions are often garden escapees; the plant has long been kept as an ornamental plant for its fragrant flowers, the essential oil of which has been used in perfumes. This is an annual herb, producing branching erect stems to 80 centimeters in maximum height. The inflorescence is a spike-like raceme of many flowers. The fragrant flower has six white to yellowish or greenish petals, the upper ones each divided into three narrow, finger-like lobes. At the center of the flower are up to about 25 stamens tipped with large dangling orange anthers.

  • 1081 Reseda

    1081 Reseda, provisional designation 1927 QF, is a dark background asteroid from the outer regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 37 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 31 August 1927, by astronomer Karl Reinmuth at the Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory in southwest Germany. The asteroid was named after the herbaceous plant Reseda .

  • Reseda alba

    Reseda alba

    Reseda alba is a species of flowering plant in the reseda family known by the common names white mignonette or white upright mignonette. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and it can be found in parts of the Americas and Australia as an introduced species. It is also cultivated as an ornamental plant for its spikelike racemes of fragrant white flowers. This is an annual or perennial herb growing up to a meter tall. The leaves are divided deeply into many narrow lobes. The inflorescence, which may take up most of the upper stem, is densely packed with many white flowers. Each flower has five or six petals, each of which is divided into three long, narrow lobes, making the raceme appear frilly. The fruit is a nearly rectangular four-angled capsule up to 1.4 centimeters in length.

  • Reseda, California

  • Reseda, Los Angeles, California

  • Reseda minoica

    Reseda minoica is a species of flowering plants of the genus Reseda found in the eastern Mediterranean region. It was described in 2013 by Santiago Martín-Bravo and Pedro Jiménez-Mejías at the Pablo de Olavide University in Spain. The species has long been confused with closely related species such as R. odorata , R. orientalis and R. balansae, to which it bears a striking resemblance. However, the species can be differentiated from other species by its floral parts. Taxonomic and molecular analyses have further revealed that it is the maternal species of common mignonette (R. odorata), one of the most common sources of fragrance since Ancient Roman times.

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