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- Noun

A formal application by one officer to another for things needed in the public service; as, a requisition for clothing, troops, or money.

- Noun

A demand by the invader upon the people of an invaded country for supplies, as of provision, forage, transportation, etc.

- Noun

A formal demand made by one state or government upon another for the surrender or extradition of a fugitive from justice.

- Verb

To make a reqisition on or for; as, to requisition a district for forage; to requisition troops.

- Verb

To present a requisition to; to summon request; as, to requisition a person to be a candidate.

- Noun

A written or normal call; an invitation; a summons; as, a reqisition for a public meeting.

- Noun

A notarial demand of a debt.

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