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- Noun

An apostate from Christianity or from any form of religious faith.

- Noun

One who deserts from a military or naval post; a deserter.

- Noun

A common vagabond; a worthless or wicked fellow.

- Noun

One faithless to principle or party.

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  • Renegade

    A renegade is a person who abandons and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles. An alternative, but more pejorative name is turncoat, while in religion, the term apostate is preferred.

  • Taguig Renegade Drum and Lyre Corps

    Taguig Renegade DLC (TR) was founded on 1998 in Tenement Elementary School - Annex (currently Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School) in Barangay Pinagsama Village, Taguig City, Philippines. The corps was founded by Benedict Gualvez, a grade school teacher from the same school, and was handled by Noel Dela Cruz when Benedict Gualvez suffered an unexplained death during sleep (heart attack or stroke). Noel Dela Cruz led the corps for about a month and then decided to pass on the responsibility as Band Master to his cousin Joseph Querubin (also the Band Master of Maybunga Drum and Lyre Corps in Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City) because of plans to work abroad.

  • Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant

    Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant

    Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant is a 2015 American comedy film. It stars Mark Feuerstein, Danny Pudi, Jayma Mays, Patrick Warburton and Rebecca Romijn, and was directed by Sam Friedlander and written by Mike Sikowitz. The film concerns a flight attendant who discovers that the airline company he is working for is trying to slash costs by having human flight attendants replaced with actual robots. It was Friedlander's feature film debut as director.

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  • Renegade Falcon LS

    The Falcon LS is a two-seat, low wing, light sport aircraft originally produced by Corvus Aircraft in Hungary as the Corvus Phantom and imported into the US by T&T Aviation between 2008–2010 and by Renegade Light Sport 2010–present.

  • Driver: Renegade 3D

    Driver: Renegade 3D

    Driver: Renegade (known in PAL regions as Driver: Renegade 3D) is a video game developed by Ubisoft and released in 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is part of the Driver series.

  • The Mark of the Renegade

    The Mark of the Renegade is a 1951 American Technicolor adventure western film directed by Hugo Fregonese starring Ricardo Montalban and Cyd Charisse. The film is based on the novel Don Renegade by Johnston McCulley, and is set in Mexican-ruled Los Angeles in the 1820s.

  • Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball

    Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball is a paintball first-person shooter developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by Global Star Software.

  • Renegade Five

    Renegade Five

    Renegade Five is a rock band from Karlstad, Sweden. It consists of Anders Fernette (vocals ), Håkan Fredriksson (keyboard ), Per Lidén (guitar ), Jimmy Lundin (bass ) and Marcus Nowak (drums ). The band formed in 2005 and is currently signed to Bonnier Amigo.

  • Amanullah Khan (Herat renegade)

    Amanullah Khan (Herat renegade)

    Amanullah Khan is a citizen of Afghanistan and a tribal leader from Afghanistan's Pashtun ethnic group. He is from Ghurian district in Herat Province.

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