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- Verb & i.

To murmur again; to utter back, or reply, in murmurs.

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  • Rerum Creator Optime

    Rerum Creator Optime was a hymn sung in Matins prior to 1962.

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    Örüg Temür Khan

    Örüg Temür (Chinese: 兀雷帖木兒汗) or Gulichi (Chinese: 鬼力赤) was a Mongol leader who temporarily enthroned himself Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty based in Mongolia in the early 15th century. He might also have been known as Ugechi Khashikha (Chinese: 烏格齊哈什哈). "Khashikha" means prince or duke in the Tungusic languages. He was a leader of the Oirats, particularly the Torguud clan. Örüg Temür may have been descended from either Ariq Böke or Genghis Khan's younger brothers, either Hasar or Temüge. He may also have been a descendant of Ogedai. Thus, it is still unclear whether he was an Oirat or Genghisid.

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