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- Noun

One to whom a remittance is sent.

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  • Remittent fever

    Remittent Fever is a type or pattern of fever in which temperature does not touch the baseline and remains above normal throughout the day. Daily variation in temperature is more than 1°C in 24 hours, which is also the main difference as compared to continuous fever. Fever due to most infectious diseases is remittent. Diagnosis is based upon clinical history, blood tests, blood culture and chest X-ray.

  • Resit Schuurman

    Resit Schuurman (born 31 March 1979, in Deventer ) is a Dutch footballer who is currently without a club. He is a defensive midfielder renowned for coupling physical power with great technique.

  • Romit

    Romit (Persian: رامیت‎) is a town and jamoat in Tajikistan. It is located in Vahdat District in Districts of Republican Subordination province. The jamoat has a total population of 10338.

  • Livius Smitt

    Livius Smitt (8 October 1840 – 4 March 1890) was a Norwegian jurist and politician, joining the Conservative Party in 1884.

  • Jacob Sverdrup Smitt

    Jacob Sverdrup Smitt

    Jacob Sverdrup Smitt (6 January 1835 – 6 June 1889) was a Norwegian bishop and politician.

  • Ray Reutt

    Raymond Francis "Buster" Reutt (March 4, 1917 – August 18, 2004) was a professional football player for one season, 1943, in the National Football League. He was a member of the "Steagles ", a team that was the result of a temporary merger between the Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers due to the league-wide manning shortages in 1943 brought on by World War II. He was also an alumnus of the Virginia Military Institute.

  • Reutte Friary

    Reutte Friary

    Reutte Friary is a former Roman Catholic Franciscan religious community and its associated church in the market town of Reutte in the Austrian Tirol, some 100 km (60 miles) to the west of Innsbruck. The church and the conventual complex of which it is a part enjoy Protected Monument status under Austrian law. The last Franciscans left the friary at the end of 2014, however, as part of a more general retrenchment, following several decades of decline in the numbers coming forward as novices.

  • Mustafa Reşit Akçay

    Mustafa Reşit Akçay

    Mustafa Reşit Akçay (born 12 December 1958) is a Turkish football manager,. He last managed Turkish club Osmanlıspor.

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