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- Verb

To cause to be spiritually born anew; to cause to become a Christian; to convert from sin to holiness; to implant holy affections in the heart of.

- Verb

Hence, to make a radical change for the better in the character or condition of; as, to regenerate society.

- Verb

To generate or produce anew; to reproduce; to give new life, strength, or vigor to.

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  • Degenerate semiconductor

    A degenerate semiconductor is a semiconductor with such a high level of doping that the material starts to act more like a metal than as a semiconductor.

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    Circle Regenerated

    Circle Regenerated is the sixth and final full-length studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Norther. The album was released through Century Media Records on 30 March in Japan, on 13 April in Finland, on 15 April in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway, and on 18 April in the rest of Europe. The United States release followed on 19 April, and Australia and New Zealand on 22 April. The track "Break Myself Away" was previously released through their website as a free digital download. The album charted at number five on the Official Finnish Chart.

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    Degenerate Art Ensemble (often abbreviated DAE) is a Seattle-based multi-art performance company whose work is inspired by punk, comics, cinema, nightmares and fairy tales driven by live music and visceral movement theater and dance. The group was founded and is co-directed by dancer/performer/director Haruko Nishimura and composer/conductor/performer Joshua Kohl. Degenerate Art Ensemble is both a multi-discipline performance company and a band, having performed major dance and live music works, orchestral concerts, rock shows and site-specific street spectacles.

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    Degenerate is the third studio album by British death metal band Trigger the Bloodshed, released on 24 May 2010. It is the band's first album to feature Dan Wilding on drums; it was produced by Trigger the Bloodshed with Mark Daghorn, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

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    Degenerate Art is a 2011 documentary by American pipe maker Aaron Golbert aka Marble Slinger on the art and culture associated with glass pipes used for smoking cannabis. Its title references the German expression degenerate art, an invective used to denigrate modern art during the Nazi regime. The film was featured at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas in 2012. This documentary follows the history of glass pipe-making culture and the tremendous influence of Bob Snodgrass.

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