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- Noun

One who refuses or rejects.

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  • Salon des Refusés

    Salon des Refusés

    The Salon des Refusés, French for "exhibition of rejects" (French pronunciation: ​[salɔ̃ dɜ ʁəfyze]), is generally an exhibition of works rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon, but the term is most famously used to refer to the Salon des Refusés of 1863.

  • Refused discography

    The Swedish hardcore punk band Refused had a brief but prolific seven-year run before originally disbanding in 1998. They are now back together and producing new music.

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  • Refuse/Resist


    Refuse/Resist is Sepultura's fourth single, released in 1993. The title song, also included as a single off the album Chaos A.D. , is one of the band's best-known songs and remains a concert staple to this day. A music video was filmed for the single which features the band playing live at a festival intercut with footage of rioting and general unrest. This video can be found on the VHS Third World Chaos, which was later released on DVD as part of the Chaos DVD. The intro to the song is the heartbeat of Max Cavalera's then-unborn first son Zyon. This song is also notable for having a 20-second growl at the end.

  • Refused (band)

  • Salon des Refusés (Archibald)

    Salon des Refusés is a popular Australian art exhibition which shows some of the rejected submissions to the Archibald Prize, Australia's most prestigious art prize for portraiture, and also the Wynne Prize entries for landscape & figure sculpture. The Salon des Refusés exhibition was initiated in 1992 by the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney, in response to the large number of works entered into the Archibald Prize not selected for hanging in the official exhibition. Its name comes from a similar event that started in Paris in 1863, also called Salon des Refusés (French for "Salon of the Rejected"). S.H. Ervin Gallery is still the venue for Salon des Refusés.

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