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- Verb

To fund again or anew; to replace (a fund or loan) by a new fund; as, to refund a railroad loan.

- Verb

To supply again with funds; to reimburse.

- Verb

To give back; to repay; to restore.

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    Refund to Savings (R2S) is an innovative, rigorously designed and scalable program intended to help low-income households build savings and increase financial security.

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    Refund theft, also known as refund fraud, refund scam or whitehouse scam, is a crime which involves returning goods ineligible for refund to a retailer in exchange for money or other goods. The goods returned may have been acquired illegally, or they may be discarded damaged goods. Other schemes involve sealing weights or other simulated merchandise in the original product packaging, or switching labels on items to purchase them at a lower price and then returning them for their original value.

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    Refund Home Loans was an Australian mortgage services company founded by Wayne Ormond in 2004. The company created a franchised network of work from home mortgage brokers. After issues with the regulator for breaching trading practices in 2009 it got into financial difficulties. In October 2011, Refund Home Loans announced that the business was going into administration and in June 2012, the remains were sold to rival Australian mortgage company Homeloans Ltd.

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    Cash Refund (horse)

    Cash Refund is a racing horse owned by Bertram W. Klein. She was bred by Bertram W. Klein & Elaine Klein - Richard Klein and sired by Petionville with Swept Away as the dam.

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