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- Verb

To reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities; to free from dross or alloy; to separate from extraneous matter; to purify; to defecate; as, to refine gold or silver; to refine iron; to refine wine or sugar.

- Verb

To purify from what is gross, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, low, and the like; to make elegant or exellent; to polish; as, to refine the manners, the language, the style, the taste, the intellect, or the moral feelings.

- Verb i.

To affect nicety or subtilty in thought or language.

- Verb i.

To become pure; to be cleared of feculent matter.

- Verb i.

To improve in accuracy, delicacy, or excellence.

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