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- Verb

To reduce to form, as literary matter; to digest and put in shape (matter for publication); to edit.

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  • Redact

    Redact or Redacted may refer to:

  • Redact (horse)

    Redact is a racing horse owned by DARRS, Inc.. She was bred by Derek Veitch & Mrs. Derek Veitch and sired by Strategic Prince with Rainbow Java as the dam.

  • Redact (disambiguation)

  • Adaptive Redaction

    Adaptive Redaction is an intelligent version of redaction whereby sensitive parts of a document are automatically removed based on policy. It is primarily used in next generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.

  • Neomicropteryx redacta

    Neomicropteryx redacta is a species of moth belonging to the family Micropterigidae. It was described by Hashimoto in 2006 and is known from Japan.

  • Caladenia longicauda subsp. redacta

    Caladenia longicauda subsp. redacta

    Caladenia longicaudasubsp.redacta, commonly known as the tangled white spider orchid, is a plant in the orchid family Orchidaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. It has a single hairy leaf and up to three large, mainly white flowers with long, drooping lateral sepals and petals. It is most similar to subspecies eminems but has smaller flowers and shorter teeth on the side of the labellum.

  • TTR : Traduction, Terminologie, Redaction

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