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- Verb i.

To retire again to a couch; to lie down again.

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  • Retouch

    Retouch may refer to:

  • Retouch (film)

    Retouch (Persian: روتوش ‎) is an Iranian short film directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, which was co-producted by Kaveh Mazaheri and Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS). The film is one of the most successful Iranian short films that won the Best Short Fiction Film Award from the Fajr Film Festival and the best international film festivals such as Tribeca, Krakow, Palm Springs, Stockholm, Ojai, Tirana and Traverse City. Retouch has enjoyed a successful film festival run, winning at three Oscar qualifying film festivals, including: Tribeca Film Festival (Best Narrative Short), Palm Springs Shortfest (Best Live Action Over 15 Min) and the Krakow Film Festival (Silver Dragon for Best Short Fiction Film).

  • Retouch (lithics)

    Retouch is the act of producing scars on a stone flake after the ventral surface has been created. It can be done to the edge of an implement in order to make it into a functional tool, or to reshape a used tool. Retouch can be a strategy to reuse an existing lithic artifact and enable people to transform one tool into another tool. Depending on the form of classification that one uses, it may be argued that retouch can also be conducted on a core-tool, if such a category exists, such as a hand-axe.

  • Helwan retouch

    The Helwan Retouch was a bifacial microlithic flint-tool fabrication technology characteristic of the Early Natufian culture in the Levant, a region in the Eastern Mediterranean (12,500 BP – 11,000 BP) such as the Harifian culture. The decline of the Helwan Retouch was largely replaced by the "backing" technique and coincided with the emergence of microburin methods, which involved snapping bladelets on an anvil. Natufian lithic technology throughout the usage of the Helwan Retouch was dominated by lunate-shaped lithics, such as picks and axes and especially sickles (which were predominantly—at least 80% of the time—used for harvesting wild cereals).

  • Calcaire d'Ecouché

    The Calcaire d'Ecouché is a geologic formation in France. It preserves fossils dating back to the Jurassic period.

  • La Renouche, Ontario

  • Retouch(film)

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