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- Verb

To review; to revise.

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  • Grammata Serica Recensa

    The Grammata Serica Recensa is a dictionary of Middle Chinese and Old Chinese published by the Swedish sinologist Bernard Karlgren in 1957.

  • Bolma recens

    Bolma recens is a large sea snail with a calcareous operculum, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Turbinidae, the turban snails.

  • Uthman and the Recension of the Koran

    Leone Caetani (September 12, 1869 – December 25, 1935), Duke of Sermoneta (also known as Prince Caetani), was an Italian scholar, politician and historian of the Middle East.

  • Eupithecia recens

    Eupithecia recens is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in Russia (the south Siberian mountains) and Kyrghyzstan.

  • Cesar Recendez

    Cesar Recendez

    Cesar Recendez is an American soccer player from Naperville, Illinois who plays as a midfielder for the Galaxy SC (IL) soccer team.

  • – review platform for European history – is a Europe-wide, multi-language platform for scholarly reviews of historical literature. Launched in January 2011, the platform is operated by three institutions: the Bavarian State Library in Munich, the German Historical Institute Paris, and the Institute of European History in Mainz. It has been described by the media as an attempt of historians to "venture into the Web 2.0".

  • Apatopygus recens

    Apatopygus recens is a species of sea urchin of the family Apatopygidae. Their armour is covered with spines. It is placed in the genus Apatopygus and lives in the sea. Apatopygus recens was first scientifically described in 1836 by Milne-Edwards, French zoologist.

  • Aeneator recens

    Aeneator recens is a species of large sea snail, a whelk, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks.

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