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- Noun

Assemblage a second time or again.

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  • Reassemblage

    Reassemblage may refer to:

  • Reassemblage (film)

    Reassemblage is a 1983 film by Trinh T. Minh-ha, shot in Senegal picturing the dwellings and everyday life of the Sereer people.

  • Reassemblage (album)

    Reassemblage (album)

    Reassemblage is the second studio album of Portland, Oregon duo Visible Cloaks, consisting of musicians Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile. The record is named after Trinh T. Minh-ha 's 1982 documentary film of the same name, since both works observe its subject matter without showing meaning to it. Reassemblage departs from Doran's past hip-hop releases for a more high-quality style inspired by the works of Japanese synthesizer music acts such as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ryuichi Sakamoto, all of which were featured on Doran's 2010 mix Fairlights, Mallets & Bamboo.

  • Reassembly

    Reassembly may refer to:

  • Golgi reassembly stacking protein 2

  • L'homme qui me ressemble

    L'homme qui me ressemble

    L'homme qui me ressemble (The Man Who Resembles Me) is the first full-length album by Franco-Ontarian musician Damien Robitaille.

  • Reassembly (video game)

    Reassembly (video game)

    Reassembly is a 2D open world space shooter PC game, created by video game developer Anisoptera Games. The game is available on Steam or from the developer's website via Humble Widget. Native versions are available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It was released on February 19, 2015.

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