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- Noun

A species of auk (Alca torda) common in the Arctic seas. See Auk, and Illust. in Appendix.

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  • Razorbill


    The razorbill or lesser auk (Alca torda) is a colonial seabird in the monotypic genus Alca of the family Alcidae, the auks. It is the closest living relative of the extinct great auk (Pinguinis impennis). Wild populations live in the subarctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Razorbill (disambiguation)

    Razorbill is a large bird.

  • Razorbill (horse)

    Razorbill is a racing horse owned by David Ingordo. She was bred by Juddmonte Farms, Inc. and sired by Speightstown with High Walden as the dam.

  • Razor-billed curassow

    Razor-billed curassow

    The razor-billed curassow (Mitu tuberosum) is a species of bird in the family Cracidae. It is found throughout a large part of the Amazon Rainforest, though largely restricted to regions south of the Amazon River. Unlike other members of the genus Mitu , its crissum (the area around the cloaca ) is deep chestnut and the tail-tip is white. The razor-billed curassow was formerly treated as a subspecies of Mitu mitu, but today this scientific name is restricted to the extremely rare Alagoas curassow.

  • Orissa razorbelly minnow

    The Orissa razorbelly minnow (Salmophasia orissaensis) is a species of cyprinid fish in the genus Salmophasia .

  • Hora razorbelly minnow

    Hora razorbelly minnow

    The Hora razorbelly minnow or Hora's razorbelly minnow (Salmostoma horai) is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Salmostoma .

  • Finescale razorbelly minnow

    Finescale razorbelly minnow

    The finescale razorbelly minnow (Salmostoma phulo) is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Salmostoma . It is a species of freshwater fish native to Bangladesh and throughout India. It lives in the lower reaches of various bodies of water including rivers, canals, ponds, and ditches. With a maximum length of only 12 centimetres (4.7 in), the fish is of little commercial or dietary value to humans.

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