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- Noun

A beverage made of wine, ale (or milk), sugar, etc.

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  • Josephine Nambooze

    Josephine Nambooze is a Ugandan physician, public health specialist, academic, and medical researcher. She is an emeritus professor of public health at Makerere University School of Public Health. Nambooze was the first female Ugandan to qualify as a physician circa 1959.

  • Betty Nambooze

    Betty Nambooze Bakireke, commonly known as Betty Nambooze, is a Ugandan journalist and politician. She serves as the Member of Parliament, representing Mukono Municipality, in Mukono District

  • Bamboozer (horse)

    Bamboozer is a racing horse. She was sired by Lost Soldier.

  • Ramboozle

    Ramboozle is a popular British mid-seventeenth century alcoholic beverage, similar to rum. The drink, and its variation, rumfustian, were made by mixing eggs, ale, wine, sugar, and various spices, and then distilling. The names, both British slang, have been linked with the gypsy word rum, meaning "strong" or "potent," as the drink had a high alcohol content.

  • Sambo at the World Games

    Sambo was part of the World Games in 1985 in London and again in 1993 in The Hague.

  • 1983 World Sambo Championships

    The 1983 World Sambo Championships were held in Kiev, Soviet Union on September/October 1983. Championships were organized by FILA.

  • Corazones sin rumbo (telenovela)

    Corazones sin rumbo (English title: Hearts aimlessly) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Valentín Pimstein for Televisa in 1980.

  • Tambō

    The tanbō (短棒, also tanjō, "short-staff") is a short staff weapon used in Okinawa and feudal Japan. Today the tanbō is used by various martial arts schools.

  • Western Sambo

    Western Sambo is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It lies to the south of Boca Chica Key, within Western Sambos Ecological Reserve. The reef itself lies along the southern edge of the reserve boundary.

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