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- Noun

One of the Radiolaria.

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  • Radiolaria

    an important diagnostic fossil found from the Cambrian onwards. Some common radiolarian fossils include , and .

  • The Radiolarian Series

    The Radiolarian Series is an album project by experimental jazz fusion trio Medeski Martin & Wood

  • Radiolarite

    of a radiolarite. A radiolarian chert is well-bedded, microcrystalline radiolarite that has a well-developed siliceous cement or groundmass.

  • Siliceous ooze

    organisms such as diatoms and radiolarians. Other components of siliceous oozes near continental margins

  • Cana (radiolarian)

    Cana is an extinct genus of prehistoric radiolarians in the extinct family . The species C. elegans is from the Cretaceous of Northwest Turkey.

  • Cornutella (radiolarian)

    Cornutella is a genus of radiolarians in the family Theoperidae. C. clathrata, the type species, was described from the Miocene of Caltanisetta, Sicily.

  • The Radiolarian Ooze

    The Radiolarian Ooze is the second album from Manorexia, it was released in 2002 by Ectopic Ents

  • Pero radiosaria

    Pero radiosaria is a species of moth in the family Geometridae (geometrid moths). It was described

  • Acantharea

    The Acantharea (Acantharia) are a group of radiolarian protozoa, distinguished mainly by their strontium sulfate skeletons.

  • Cornutella

    * Cornutella (radiolarian), a genus of radiolarians in the family Theoperidae

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