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- Noun

An oblong rectangular piece of cloth, worn by Roman ladies, and fastened with brooches.

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  • Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba)

    "Echa Pa'lla (Manos Pa'rriba)" {Spoonerism of Echa Para Allá (Manos Para Arriba)} (English version known as "Go Away (Hands Up)") is a Latin Grammy award winning song recorded by American rapper Pitbull for his seventh studio album Global Warming . The song features guest vocals from Papayo. It was released on Jul 16, 2012. It was produced by Gregor Salto, Todorov and Urales "DJ Buddha" Vargas. The song has achieved moderate chart success and has found its way in Billboard Top Latin Songs. It also peaked number 5 on the Billboard Tropical Songs Chart. It was also the official Miss Teen USA 2012 theme song. "Echa Pa'lla" won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Performance. At the 2014 Lo Nuestro Awards, it won the award for Urban Song of the Year at the 26th Lo Nuestro Awards.

  • Palla (butterfly)

    Palla (butterfly)

    Palla is an Afrotropical genus of butterflies in the subfamily Charaxinae. All four species exhibit sexual dimorphism.

  • Palla decius

    Palla decius

    Palla decius, the white-banded palla, is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It is found in Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, the western part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and northern Angola. The habitat consists of lowland evergreen forests.

  • Utetheisa palla

    Utetheisa palla is a moth in the family Erebidae. It was described by Röber in 1891. It is found on Sumbawa and Flores.

  • Palla della Peste (Guido Reni)

    The Pala della Peste (altarpiece of the bubonic plague) or Pallione del Voto is a Baroque-style altarpiece by Guido Reni depicts the Madonna and Child in Glory with the Patron Saints of Bologna: Petronius, Francis, Ignatius, Francis Xavier, Proculus of Bologna, and Florian. The painting is oil on silk.

  • Palla (troubadour)

    Palla was a Galician-Portuguese troubadour or minstrel from Santiago de Compostela, active at the court of Alfonso VII of León in the mid-twelfth century.

  • Eduard Palla

    Eduard Palla (3 September 1864, Kremsier – 7 March 1922, Graz ) was an Austrian botanist and mycologist of Moravian descent. As a botanist he specialized in research of Cyperaceae (sedges ), of which he was the taxonomic authority of many species.

  • Palla (disambiguation)

    Palla may refer to:

  • Palla Mahbub Adarsha High School

    Palla Mahbub Adarsha High School

    Palla Mahbub Adarsha High School is a secondary school situated at Palla Bazar, Chatkhil Upazila, Noakhali, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

  • Sidney Palla

    Sidney Palla

    Sidney Palla is a soccer player from Pennsylvania who plays as a midfielder for the Century V FC soccer team. She committed to play for the Morehead State Eagles soccer team.

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