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- Noun

Any species of Paleotherium.

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  • Pantothere

  • Paleothermometer

    A paleothermometer is a methodology for determining past temperatures using a proxy found in a natural record such as a sediment, ice core, tree rings or TEX86.

  • Palaeothele

    Palaeothele is an extinct genus of mesothele spiders, with only one known species Palaeothele montceauensis. Two fossils were found at Montceau-les-Mines, France, in ironstone concretion deposits of Late Carboniferous (Stephanian ) age, about 304 to 299 million years ago.

  • Libyan Palette

    The Libyan Palette (also variously known as the City Palette, the Libyan Booty Palette, the Libyan Tribute Palette, the Siege Palette, the Tehenu- or Tjehenu Palette) is the surviving lower portion of a stone cosmetic palette bearing carved decoration and hieroglyphic writing. It dates from the Naqada III or Protodynastic Period of Egypt (c. 3200 to 3000 BC). The palette was found at Abydos, Egypt.

  • Sonic Palette

    The Sonic Palette is a MIDI controller type musical instrument. It consists of an 84 force sensor note surface, placed within a body that is wearable with a guitar strap. The body also contains various other controls including two additional force sensors, a tactile switch, and two potentiometers.

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