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- Noun

Any one of several species of East Indian viverrine mammals of the genus Paguma. They resemble a weasel in form.

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  • Paluma, Queensland

    Paluma is a town in the City of Townsville and a locality in the City of Townsville and the Charters Towers Region in Queensland, Australia. It is a township of around 28 permanent residents in the Mount Spec Ranges and is the southernmost point of Townsville's heritage-listed Wet Tropics.

  • Paruma

    Paruma is a stratovolcano that lies on the border of Bolivia and Chile. It is part of a ridge that contains several stratovolcanos. Paruma lies at the eastern end of the ridge, with Olca to its west. The older volcano Paruma lies to east of Paruma. Paruma has clearly been active during the Holocene, with many morphologically young lava flows on its flanks. It also has persistent fumaroles. One lava flow in particular extends for 7 kilometres to the south-east of the peak. Historical activity along the ridge has been confined to one eruption from 1865 to 1867, the character of which is not precisely known.

  • HMAS Paluma

    Four Australian naval vessels have been named Paluma after an Aboriginal word meaning "thunder":

  • HMAS Paluma (1941)

    HMAS Paluma (1941)

    Paluma was a survey vessel that was operated by the Royal Australian Navy during World War II.

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