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- Noun

Nurture; education; culture; bringing up.

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  • Nortel Speech Server

    The Nortel Speech Server (formerly known as Periphonics Speech Processing Platform) in telecommunications is a speech processing system that was developed by Nortel and is now sold by Avaya. The system is primarily used for large vocabulary speech recognition, natural language understanding, text-to-speech, and speaker verification.

  • Nortel Certifications

    Nortel Certifications are IT professional certifications for Nortel products and IEEE standard technologies. There were two major levels of certification, Specialist and Expert. Within each level were three sublevels; technology, support, and design. The certification exams were administered at Prometric testing centers. Various training courses were held by Nortel regional training partners, such as Global Knowledge. As Nortel began to exit certain businesses and divest itself, they retired various certification training programs and exams. They retired the GSM-related programs in March 2008, Optical and Carrier VoIP programs in September 2009, and lastly the Enterprise programs in November 2010.

  • List of Nortel products

    This is a list of products formerly manufactured by Nortel, a defunct Canadian telecommunications manufacturer:

  • Timeline of Nortel

    Timeline of major events for Nortel.

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