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- Noun

Reduction to a standard or normal state.

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  • Normalization

    Normalization or normalisation refers to a process that makes something more normal or regular. Most commonly it refers to:

  • Contact normalization

    Contact normalization is a process by which intercellular junctions mediate signals that allow normal cells to inhibit the transformed growth of neighboring tumor cells. Intimate junctional contact between tumor cells and normal cells is needed for this form of growth control. Contact normalization describes the ability of nontransformed cells to normalize the growth of neighboring cancer cells. This is a very widespread and powerful phenomenon. Tumor cells need to overcome this form of growth inhibition before they can become malignant or metastatic. Induction of a select set of genes has been associated with the ability of cancer cells to escape contact normalization. These include podoplanin (PDPN ), vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2/kinase insert domain receptor (VEGFR2 /KDR), and transmembrane protein 163 (TMEM163) receptors.

  • Noether's normalization lemma

  • Bureau of Normalization

    The Bureau of Normalization (NBN; Dutch: Bureau voor Normalisatie; French: Bureau de normalisation) is the Belgian national organization for standardization and is the country's ISO member body.

  • Service Normalization Pattern

    Service Normalization Pattern

    Service normalization is a design pattern, applied within the service-orientation design paradigm, whose application ensures that services that are part of the same service inventory do not contain any redundant functionality. This design pattern emphasizes on creating normalized services, much like creating normalized tables in a database where all the attributes in a table only relate to the entity described by the table and any attributes that do not directly relate to the entity are either put into a new table or in an existing table that better fits the context of that attribute.

  • Color normalization

    Color normalization is a topic in computer vision concerned with artificial color vision and object recognition. In general, the distribution of color values in an image depends on the illumination, which may vary depending on lighting conditions, cameras, and other factors. Color normalisation allows for object recognition techniques based on colour to compensate for these variations.

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  • Normalization (mathematical)

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