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- Noun

A rest at noon; a repast at noon.

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  • Clamdigger (de Kooning)

    Clamdigger is a bronze sculpture by Willem de Kooning. It may have been inspired by "the men who dug for clams along the beaches" near his home in East Hampton, New York. It has been described as one of his "extraordinarily tactile figurative sculptures" that "seemed pulled from the primordial ooze," and "as part man, part creature of the mud and the shallows."

  • Nonning


    Nonning or Nonning Station is both a pastoral lease and a formal bounded locality in South Australia. The property operates as a sheep station; the name and boundaries of the formal locality were created on 26 April 2013 for the long established local name.

  • De Kooning, Willem

  • Kooning (disambiguation)

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