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- Noun

In the Buddhist system of religion, the final emancipation of the soul from transmigration, and consequently a beatific enfrachisement from the evils of wordly existence, as by annihilation or absorption into the divine. See Buddhism.

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  • Nirvana


    Nirvāṇa (/nɪərˈvɑːnə/ neer-VAH-nə, /-ˈvænə/ -⁠VAN-ə, /nɜːr-/ nur-; Sanskrit: निर्वाण nirvāṇa [nɪɽʋaːɳɐ ]; Pali: निब्बान nibbāna; Prakrit: णिव्वाण ṇivvāṇa, literally "blown out", as in an oil lamp ) is commonly associated with Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, and represents its ultimate state of soteriological release, the liberation from repeated rebirth in saṃsāra .

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    Icon (Nirvana album)

    Icon is a compilation album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on August 31, 2010.

  • Come As You Are (Nirvana song)

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    The nirvana fallacy is the informal fallacy of comparing actual things with unrealistic, idealized alternatives. It can also refer to the tendency to assume that there is a perfect solution to a particular problem. A closely related concept is the perfect solution fallacy.

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    "Do Re Mi" is a song by American rock band Nirvana, written by vocalist and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. It first appeared on the band's rarities box set, With the Lights Out , released in November 2004. A second version appears on the deluxe edition of Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings , released in November 2015.

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    Nirvana (Bucky Pizzarelli album)

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    Eupithecia nirvana is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is endemic to China (Sichuan).

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