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- Noun

An instrument for measuring the rise of water in the Nile during its periodical flood.

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  • Nilometer

    A nilometer was a structure for measuring the Nile River's clarity and water level during

  • Nil-Coxeter algebra

    In mathematics, the nil-Coxeter algebra, introduced by , is an algebra similar to the group algebra of a Coxeter group except that the generators are nilpotent.

  • Roda Island

    of the Nile. The island has one of the oldest Islamic buildings in Egypt, the Nilometer on its southern tip.

  • El Manial

    El Manial (Egyptian Arabic: المنيل‎ pronounced [elˈmænjæl], "the nilometer") is a district of Cairo, located on Rhoda Island in the Nile.

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