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- Noun

A member of a secret association (esp. in Russia), which is devoted to the destruction of the present political, religious, and social institutions.

- Noun

One who advocates the doctrine of nihilism; one who believes or teaches that nothing can be known, or asserted to exist.

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    The Nihilist is a 1905 American short silent film directed by Wallace McCutcheon, Sr.. It takes place in the Russian Empire and relates the story of a woman who joins the Nihilist movement and commits a suicide attack against the Governor's palace to avenge her husband who died because of police repression.

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    In the history of cryptography, the Nihilist cipher is a manually operated symmetric encryption cipher, originally used by Russian Nihilists in the 1880s to organize terrorism against the tsarist regime. The term is sometimes extended to several improved algorithms used much later for communication by the First Chief Directorate with its spies.

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