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- Noun

One who advocates adheres to new laws; esp. one who holds or believes that the gospel is a new law.

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  • Neocomian Sands

    The Neocomian Sands is an Early Cretaceous geologic formation. Dinosaur remains have been recovered from it.

  • Neonomianism

    Neonomianism (from Greek, meaning 'new law') in Christian theology is the doctrine that the Gospel is a new law, the requirements of which humanity fulfills by faith and repentance, most often associated with the theology of Richard Baxter (1615–1691).

  • Neocomian

    In geology, Neocomian was a name given to the lowest stage of the Cretaceous system. It was introduced by Jules Thurmann in 1835 on account of the development of these rocks at Neuchâtel (Neocomum), Switzerland. It has been employed in more than one sense. In the type area the rocks have been divided into two sub-stages, a lower, Valanginian (from Valengin, Pierre Jean Édouard Desor, 1854) and an upper, Hauterivian (from Hauterive, Eugène Renevier, 1874); there is also another local sub-stage, the infra-Valanginian or Berriasian (from Berrias, Henri Coquand, 1876). These three sub-stages constitute the Neocomian in its restricted sense. Adolf von Koenen and other German geologists extend the use of the term to include the whole of the Lower Cretaceous up to the top of the Gault or Albian. Eugène Renevier divided the Lower Cretaceous into the Neocomian division, embracing the three sub-stages mentioned above, and an Urgonian division, including the Barremian, Rhodanian and Aptian sub-stages. Sir A. Geikie (Text Book of Geology, 4th ed., 1903) regards Neocomian as synonymous with Lower Cretaceous, and he, like Renevier, closes this portion of the system at the top of the Lower Greensand (Aptian). Other British geologists (A. J. Jukes-Browne, &c.) restrict the Neocomian to the marine beds of Speeton and Tealby, and their estuarine equivalents, the Weald Clay and Hastings Sands (Wealden). Much confusion would be avoided by dropping the term Neocomian entirely and employing instead, for the type area, the sub-divisions given above. This becomes the more obvious when it is pointed out that the Berriasian type is limited to Dauphine; the Valanginian has not a much wider range; and the Hauterivian does not extend north of the Paris basin.

  • Lophophelma neonoma

    Lophophelma neonoma

    Lophophelma neonoma is a moth of the family Geometridae first described by George Hampson in 1907. It is found in Sri Lanka.

  • Nozomi Furuki

    Nozomi Furuki (古木 のぞみ, Furuki Nozomi, born January 12, 1988) is a Japanese voice actress from Gotō Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture. She is a member of the idol voice acting unit One Little Kiss. She is affiliated with Mausu Promotion.

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