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- Noun

Business; occupation.

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  • Compagnie Béninoise de Négoce et de Distribution

    The Compagnie Béninoise de Négoce et de Distribution, known as CBND, is a retail and trading company based in Benin.

  • Négone

    Négone is a proprietary live role playing game held mostly in a purpose-built environment.

  • Ngoc Trinh

    Ngoc Trinh (born September 27, 1989) is a fashion designer.

  • Nego Joe

    Nego Joe (born April 23, 1981) is a guitarist.

  • Aegoceras

    Aegoceras is an evolutely wound ammmonite, with wide spaced ribs, from the Early Jurassic (England) included in the Liparoceratidae and superfamily Eoderoceratidae. Related genera are Leparoceras and Beaniceras .

  • La Saga, Negocio de Familia

    La Saga, Negocio de Familia (in English The Saga; Family business) was a popular Colombian "telenovela" aired in 2004 By Caracol TV and currently airing (starting in 2006) on GenTV in South Florida. The show follows the history of the Manrique family, which was prominent in the underworld of Bogotá, Colombia. This telenovela is characterized by an unconventional plot; it is not a love story, but several stories of events that occur through five generations of the same family. Moreover, in this production there is no humor and the plot is marked by death, suffering and crime.

  • Jornal de Negócios

    Jornal de Negócios (meaning Business Newspaper in English) is a Portuguese language business newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal.

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