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- Noun

Work executed with a needle; sewed work; sewing; embroidery; also, the business of a seamstress.

- Noun

The combination of timber and plaster making the outside framework of some houses.

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  • Needlework

    Needlework is decorative sewing and textile arts handicrafts. Anything that uses a needle for construction can be called needlework. Needlework may include related textile crafts such as crochet, worked with a hook, or tatting, worked with a shuttle.

  • Needlework art

  • Needlework Development Scheme

    Needlework Development Scheme (NDS) was a collaborative program between industry and art education, that was to encourage and initiate a new standard for British embroidery design in both hand and machine work. The organisation was primarily responsible for developing collections of foreign and British embroidery, that could be loaned to training colleges, Women's Institutes, and schools.

  • Changzhou needlework embroidery

    Changzhou Needlework Embroidery(Chinese: 常州乱针绣), or Free Stitch Embroidery, was founded in 1920 by lady Yang Shouyu (杨守玉, 1896–1981, Changzhou, Jiangsu ), the younger cousin of Liu Haisu (刘海粟). She was a contemporary artist of embroidery and the master of Changzhou needlework embroidery. Changzhou needlework embroidery is the combination of the traditional Chinese embroidery and the Western oil painting.

  • The Complete Guide to Needlework

    The Complete Guide to Needlework

    The Complete Guide to Needlework is the first release by deathcore band Emmure; released in 2006 through This City Is Burning Records and later re-released on September 4, 2007 through Uprising Records. The EP was produced by Antoine Lussier of Ion Dissonance.

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