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- Noun

One versed in natural science; a student of natural history, esp. of the natural history of animals.

- Noun

One who holds or maintains the doctrine of naturalism in religion.

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    . A person who studies natural history is called a naturalist or natural historian.

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    Johann Christoph Friedrich Klug (5 May 1775, in Berlin – 3 February 1856, in Berlin), was a German entomologist.He described the butterflies and some other insects of Upper Egypt and Arabia in Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg and Wilhelm Friedrich Hemprich's Symbolæ Physicæ (Berlin, 1829–1845). He was professor of medicine and entomology in the University of Berlin (known in the present day as the Humboldt University of Berlin) where he curated the insect collections from 1810 to 1856. At the same time he directed the Botanic Garden in Berlin which contains his collections. Klug worked mainly on Hymenoptera and Coleoptera. The plant genus Klugia (now called Rhynchoglossum, Family Gesneriaceae) was named in his honour as well as the butterflies Geitoneura klugii and Heliophisma klugii.

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