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- Noun

One of the specially large spores of certain flowerless plants, as Selaginella, etc.

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  • Macrospore

  • Ramularia macrospora

    Ramularia macrospora is a fungal plant pathogen infecting bellflowers.

  • Sordaria macrospora

    Sordaria macrospora is a species of microscopic fungus. It is one of several fungal model organisms in biology, e.g. the model of fruiting body development in Ascomycetes. It is a homothallic, self-fertile organism.

  • Uncinula macrospora

    Uncinula macrospora is a plant pathogen that causes a powdery mildew disease of certain North American trees. Its hosts include various elms (Ulmus spp.), hackberries (Celtis spp.), and American hop hornbeam Ostrya virginiana .

  • Macrospora

    Macrospora is a genus of fungi in the family Pleosporaceae. This is a monotypic genus, containing the single species Macrospora scirpicola.

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