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- Noun

A gambling game in vogue in the eighteenth century.

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  • Maccoyoceras

    Maccoyoceras is a genus of nautilids included in the family Trigonoceratidae from the Mississippian of North America (Michigan) and Europe.

  • Alfred Theodore MacConkey

    Alfred Theodore MacConkey (1861-1931) was the British bacteriologist who developed MacConkey's agar, a selective medium that is used in the diagnosis of enteric pathogens. He was born McConkey but appears to have spelled his name "MacConkey" from at least 1881 and in all his published papers

  • MacColl

    MacColl is a Scottish surname shared by several notable people:

  • James MacColl

    James Eugene MacColl (27 June 1908 – 17 June 1971) was a British Labour politician.

  • Oreophrynella macconnelli

    Oreophrynella macconnelli

    Oreophrynella macconnelli is a species of toad in the family Bufonidae. It is found in Guyana, Venezuela, and possibly Brazil. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. Incapable of leaping and able to crawl slowly, it can evade predators such as snakes by falling through the tree canopy to safety, its small size protecting it from injury.

  • Michael MacConnell

    Michael MacConnell is an Australian author. His first fiction novel, Maelstrom, was released in October 2007 by Hachette Livre. The first sequel novel Splinter, was released in July 2008. Both novels have been published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers Organization. An avid reader of crime and thriller fiction since he was a child, some of his greatest writing influences were David Morrell, Raymond E. Feist, Alex Kava, Daniel Silva, Dean Koontz, Lee Child, Michael Cordy, and Steven Pressfield. His first novel, Maelstrom, made the Ned Kelly Award long list in the Best Debut Novel category.

  • Craig Macconacie

    Craig Macconacie (born 10 November 1977) is a former English cricketer. Macconacie was a right-handed batsman who bowled right-arm medium-fast. He was born in Leicester, Leicestershire.

  • Martini Maccomo

    Martini Maccomo

    Martini Maccomo (died 11 January 1871) was a renowned lion tamer in Victorian Britain.

  • Belle Goshorn MacCorkle

    Belle Goshorn MacCorkle (1841 – September 12, 1923) was the wife of former Governor of West Virginia William A. MacCorkle and served as that state's First Lady, 1893-1897. She was born in 1841, at Charleston, West Virginia. In 1884, she married William A. MacCorkle. The MacCorkles were the first to reside in the state supplied Governor's Mansion. She died at the MacCorkle home Sunrise on September 12, 1923.

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