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- Noun

A popular name for any society or club which meets for the practice of male part songs.

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  • Liedertafel

    Liedertafel may refer to the following choral societies:

  • Tanunda Liedertafel

    The Tanunda Liedertafel is a 45-member male choir in Tanunda, South Australia. Drawing its four-part (TTBB) singing material from traditional popular German culture. The group's origins date back to 1850, based on an entry in The South Australian (10 January 1851). Previously, the choir researchers had only been able to confirm back to 1861 based on a surviving music book case with the words Tanunda Liedertafel 1861 painted on its metal lid, and a report in the South Australian Register of a concert in Tanunda dated 22 October 1861 .

  • Berliner Liedertafel

    Berliner Liedertafel (Berlin choral society), as the name for a male-voice choir, was first used in December 1808 by Carl Friedrich Zelter, who established the first north German prototype for such male-voice choirs. In 1819 another society was founded by Ludwig Berger, Bernhard Klein, Gustav Reichardt and Ludwig Rellstab and In 1884, Adolf Zander founded the still active men's singing club Berliner Liedertafel e.V.

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