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- Noun

One versed in lichenology.

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  • Lichenology

    and botany. Scholars of lichenology are known as lichenologists.

  • Francis Wilson (lichenologist)

    Australia's first lichenologist. He came to Australia in 1862 to minister at Kew, but developed

  • David Smith (botanist)

    David Cecil Smith (born 21 May 1930 Port Talbot, South Wales – 29 June 2018) was a British botanist. Smith was most notable for his research into the biology of symbiosis and became a leading authority on it. Smith discovered that lichens and Radiata (coelenterates) shared a similar biological mechanism in carbohydrate metabolism. Further research by Smith demonstrated similar processes in organisms that worked within a symbiotic relationship.

  • Chicita F. Culberson

    Chicita Frances Culberson (born Chicita Frances Forman, November 1, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an award-winning lichenologist.

  • Georgij Karlovich Kreyer

    26, 1887- January 11, 1942) was a Russian and Soviet botanist and mycologist (lichenologist) born

  • Edith Katherine Cash

    Edith Katherine Cash (October 4, 1890 – April 6, 1992) was an American mycologist and lichenologist.

  • Chapsa

    Chapsa is a genus of lichens in the family Graphidaceae. The genus was described by Italian lichenologist Abramo Bartolommeo Massalongo in 1860.

  • William Louis Culberson

    William Louis "Bill" Culberson (April 5, 1929 in Indianapolis, Indiana – February 8, 2003 in Durham, North Carolina) was an American lichenologist.

  • Georg Franz Hoffmann

    Georg Franz Hoffmann was a German botanist and lichenologist, who was born January 13, 1760

  • Albert William Herre

    ichthyologist and lichenologist. Herre was born in 1868 in Toledo, Ohio. He was an alumnus of Stanford

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