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- Noun

A book containing the words of an opera or extended piece of music.

- Noun

The words themselves.

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  • Libretto


    A libretto (lit. "booklet") is the text used in, or intended for, an extended musical work such as an opera, operetta, masque, oratorio, cantata or musical. The term libretto is also sometimes used to refer to the text of major liturgical works, such as the Mass, requiem and sacred cantata, or the story line of a ballet.

  • Libretto (notebook)

  • Libretto (horse)

    Libretto is a racing horse owned by Stronach Stables. She was bred by Adena Springs and sired by Birdonthewire with Daybydaybyday as the dam.

  • Our Libretto (horse)

    Our Libretto is a racing horse owned by Pinecliff Racing. She was bred by Waikato Stud Ltd. and sired by O'Reilly with Etoile Du Nord as the dam.

  • Topolino libretto

  • Shōjo Jikake no Libretto: Lolitawork Libretto

  • Il re pastore (libretto)

    Il re pastore is a 1751 Italian-language opera libretto written by Metastasio. It was first set by Giuseppe Bonno in 1751, but best known today in the version by Gluck (1756) and the Il re pastore of Mozart (1775).

  • Lolitawork Libretto

    Lolitawork Libretto

    "Lolitawork Libretto" (少女仕掛けのリブレット, Shoujo Jikake no Riburetto) is the second studio album by singer and cellist Kanon Wakeshima. The song "Toumei no Kagi" was released as a digital download prior to the release of the album on September 16, 2009. The song was used as the theme song of the online game Avalon no Kagi. A promotional music video for the song "Lolitawork Libretto ~Storytelling by Solita~" was also released prior to the album.

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