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- Noun

One who, or that which, liberalizes.

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  • Liberalize

    Liberalize may refer to:

  • Liberalize (disambiguation)

  • Liberalize (disambiguation)

  • Gennesio Liberale

    Gennesio Liberale (or Gensio) was an Italian painter of the Venetian school. He was born at Udine, and flourished in the second half of the 16th century. He was a pupil of San Danielo da Pellegrino, and painted still lifes cabinet pieces of animals and fish.

  • Edoardo Liberati

    Edoardo Liberati (born 18 December 1992) is an Italian professional racing driver.

  • Gaius Salvius Liberalis (history)

    Gaius Salvius Liberalis Nonius Bassus (fl. 80s CE) was a Roman senator and general, who held civil office in Britain and was a member of the Arval Brethren.

  • Liberalis of Treviso

    Liberalis of Treviso

    Saint Liberalis of Treviso (Italian: San Liberale) is a saint of the 4th century. Tradition states that he was a priest who opposed Arianism and who worked to convert Arians and that he was persecuted at Ancona.

  • Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals)

    Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals)

    Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals) (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga (Liberalai), LLS) or simply Lithuanian Freedom Union (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Laisvės Sąjunga), is a centre-right political party in Lithuania. It has around 4,300 members.

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