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- Noun

Union by league; alliance.

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  • Xiage

    Xiage may refer to the following locations in China:

  • Dômes de Miage

    Dômes de Miage

    The Dômes de Miage are a line of mountain peaks in the south of the Mont Blanc massif that reach a height of 3,673 metres. The snow-covered arête from which they rise is over three kilometres long. The six peaks in the chain are (from southwest to northeast) : L'Aiguille de la Bérangère (3,425 m), and unnamed tops known only from their heights as Dôme 3670, Dôme 3666, Dôme 3633, Dôme 3673 and Dôme 3672.

  • Miage Glacier

    The Miage Glacieris a debris-covered glacier in the upper Aosta Valley, in northwestern Italy.

  • Chantelle (lingerie)

    Chantelle (lingerie)

    Chantelle is a lingerie brand which belongs to the Groupe Chantelle, a French lingerie company which was founded in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon.

  • Lingelsheimia

    Lingelsheimia is a plant genus variously classified in the families Putranjivaceae or Phyllanthaceae, first described as a genus in 1909. It is native to central Africa and Madagascar.

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