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- Noun

One versed in lexicology.

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  • Lexicology

    Lexicology is the part of linguistics that studies words. This may include their nature and function as symbols, their meaning, the relationship of their meaning to epistemology in general, and the rules of their composition from smaller elements (morphemes such as the English -ed marker for past or un- for negation; and phonemes as basic sound units).Lexicology also involves relations between words, which may involve semantics (for example, love vs. affection), derivation (for example, fathom vs. unfathomably), use and sociolinguistic distinctions (for example, flesh vs. meat), and any other issues involved in analyzing the whole lexicon of a language.

  • Dutch Language Union

    The Dutch Language Union (Dutch: , NTU) is an international regulatory institution that governs issues regarding the Dutch language. It is best known for its spelling reforms which are promulgated by member states, grammar books, the Green Booklet and its support of Dutch language courses and studies worldwide. It was founded on a treaty concluded between the Netherlands and Belgium (in respect of the Flemish Community) on 9 September 1980. Suriname has been an associate member of the Taalunie since 2004.

  • Rajna Dragićević

    Rajna Dragićević, PhD, (Serbian Cyrillic: Рајна Драгићевић) is a Serbian linguist, lexicologist

  • Richard Oliver Heslop

    , lexicologist, lexicographer, songwriter and poet. His most famous work is the two-volume "Northumberland Words".

  • Vedat Kokona

    and lexicologist of the 20th century, well known for his dual dictionaries English-Albanian and French-Albanian

  • Silviu Berejan

    – November 10, 2007) was a Romanian philologist, lexicologist and linguist from Bessarabia, one

  • Rachana Malayalam

    of this long-term project were: R. Chitrajakumar, senior linguist and lexicologist:

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