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- Noun

The art, process, or occupation of making a lexicon or dictionary; the principles which are applied in making dictionaries.

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  • Centre for Lexicography

    Centre for Lexicography is a research centre affiliated with the Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus Denmark, and was established in 1996. The Centre's aim is to carry out lexicographic research into needs-adapted information and data access, i.e. research work into dictionary theory in general and it has built a solid, international reputation in that field.

  • Legal lexicography

    Legal lexicography is the complex of activities concerned with the development of theories and principles for the design, compilation, use, and evaluation of dictionaries within the field of law, see e.g. Nielsen 1994.

  • International Journal of Lexicography

    International Journal of Lexicography

    The International Journal of Lexicography is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of lexicography published by Oxford University Press. It was established in 1988 and appears four times a year. Current editor in chief is Robert Lew (Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ ).

  • Irish lexicography

    Lexicography evolved in order to serve one of two needs i.e. in order to explain in a simple way difficult words and expressions or in order to explain the words and expressions of one language in another. In this case we can trace the tradition of lexicography in Irish back to the 8th century.

  • English lexicography

  • LU (lexicography)

  • LU (lexicography)

  • Clipping (lexicography)

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