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- Noun

The author or compiler of a lexicon or dictionary.

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  • Ethan Allen Andrews (lexicographer)

    Ethan Allen Andrews (April 7, 1787 – March 4, 1858) was an American lexicographer and educator. He published a major Latin dictionary in 1850 and served in the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1851 and was a Whig.

  • Thomas Blount (Lexicographer)

  • John Smith (lexicographer)

    John Smith (died 1809) was a professor at Dartmouth College and the author of the first unpointed Hebrew grammar book published in the United States.

  • Robert Ainsworth (lexicographer)

    Robert Ainsworth (September 1660 – 4 April 1743) was an English Latin lexicographer, and author of a well-known compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue.

  • Papias (lexicographer)

    Papias (fl. 1040s–1060s) was a Latin lexicographer from Italy. Although he is often referred to as Papias the Lombard, little is known of his life, including whether he actually came from Lombardy. The Oxford History of English Lexicography considers him the first modern lexicographer for his monolingual dictionary (Latin-Latin), Elementarium Doctrinae Rudimentum, written over a period of ten years in the 1040s. The Elementarium has been called "the first fully recognizable dictionary" and is a landmark in the development of dictionaries as distinct from mere collections of glosses. Papias arranges entries alphabetically based on the first three letters of the word, and is the first lexicographer to name the authors or texts he uses as sources. Although most entries are not etymological, Papias laid the groundwork for derivational lexicography, which became firmly established only a century later.

  • Stephen Skinner (lexicographer)

    Stephen Skinner (1623–1667) was an English Lincoln physician, lexicographer and etymologist.

  • John Parkhurst (lexicographer)

    John Parkhurst (1728–1797) was an English academic, clergyman and biblical lexicographer.

  • Robert Allen (lexicographer)

    Robert E. Allen (born 1944) is a British lexicographer who has written, edited, and published a wide range of books about the English language. He was formerly a senior editor for the Oxford English Dictionary who became a freelance writer and consultant in 1996.

  • Thomas Wilson (lexicographer)

    Thomas Wilson (1563–1622) was an English Anglican priest, known as the compiler of an early biblical reference work.

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