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- Noun

A priest; -- so called in contempt or ridicule.

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  • Stephen the Levite

    Darrell Lynn Bell, Jr. (born July 2, 1981), who goes by the stage name Stephen the Levite or STL abbreviation, is an American Christian hip hop musician. The Last Missionary was released by Lamp Mode Recordings in 2012. This album would be his breakthrough release on the Billboard charts. He is a member of Christian hip hop collective, The Collective, with Timothy Brindle and Zae da Blacksmith. He is known for his complex flow patterns, and multi-syllable rhyme schemes.

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    Lévite Thériault (May 14, 1837 – December 2, 1896) was a land owner and political figure in New Brunswick. He represented Victoria County from 1868 to 1874 and Madawaska County from 1874 to 1882 and from 1886 to 1894 in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

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