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- Noun

The disposition or endeavor to level all distinctions of rank in society.

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  • Emergency medical responder levels by U.S. state

    In the United States, the licensing of prehospital emergency medical providers (emergency medical technicians (EMTs)) and oversight of emergency medical services are governed at the state level. Each state is free to add or subtract levels as each state sees fit. Therefore, due to differing needs and system development paths, the levels, education requirements, and scope of practice of prehospital providers varies from state to state. Even though primary management and regulation of prehospital providers is at the state level, the federal government does have a model scope of practice including minimum skills for EMRs, EMTs, Advanced EMTs and Paramedics set through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  • Worsley Navigable Levels

    The Worsley Navigable Levels are an extensive series of coal mines in Worsley in the City of Salford in Greater Manchester, England. They were worked largely by the use of underground canals (the navigable levels) and boats called starvationers.

  • Peat extraction on the Somerset Levels

    Peat extraction on the Somerset Levels, in South West England has occurred since the area was first drained by the Romans, and continues today on an area of less than 0.5% of the total geography. The modern system in recycling land back to farm use and conservation has resulted in the creation of numerous Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

  • Levels, West Virginia

    Levels, West Virginia

    Levels is an unincorporated community in Hampshire County in the U.S. state of West Virginia. According to the 2000 census, the Levels community has a population of 147. It is home to John J. Cornwell Elementary School.

  • Pevensey Levels

    Pevensey Levels

    Pevensey Levels is a 3,603.2-hectare (8,904-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest between Bexhill-on-Sea and Hailsham in East Sussex. It is a Nature Conservation Review site, Grade I, a Ramsar site and a Special Area of Conservation. An area of 183.5 hectares (453 acres) is a National Nature Reserve and an area of 150 hectares (370 acres) is a nature reserve called Pevensey Marshes which is managed by the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

  • National Classification of Levels of Training

    The National Classification of Levels of Training (French: Nomenclature des niveaux de formation) is a system used in France for statistical purposes to measure an individual's training. Two classifications are commonly used: The nomenclature des niveaux de formation (national classification of levels of training), established in 1969 by the Commission statistique nationale (national statistical commission), and the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), validated by UNESCO in 1997 and used for international comparisons.

  • Method of levels

    The method of levels (MOL) is a cognitive approach to psychotherapy (or an approach to cognitive behavioral therapy ) based on perceptual control theory (PCT). Using MOL, the therapist aims to help the patient shift his or her awareness to higher levels of perception in order to resolve conflicts and allow reorganization to take place.

  • Campeonato Carioca (lower levels)

    The Campeonato Carioca Série B1 football competition is the second level of the Rio de Janeiro State First Division, one of the Brazilian state championships. The competition is organized by the Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation. Usually, the champion of the division is promoted in the next year to the first division.

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