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- Noun

Allowable; permissible; lawful.

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  • Jermaine Reve

    Jermaine Reve

    Jermaine Reve (raised in Miami) is an American student and football player. He plays for Louisville Cardinals and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

  • C'est pas tout a fait la vie dont j'avais reve

  • Røst Reef

    The Røst Reef (Norwegian: Røstrevet) is a deep-water coral reef off the coast of the Lofoten islands in Nordland county, Norway. The reef was discovered in 2002, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of the island of Røstlandet. It extends over a length of about 43 kilometers (27 mi), and has a width of up to 6.9 kilometers (4.3 mi). The reef is generated by the coral Lophelia pertusa , and is the world's largest known Lophelia reef. It is also the world's largest known deep-water coral reef. The authorities have introduced regulations to protect the reef against trawling. The temperature of the waters near the bottom of the Rost coral reef is 2 °C. WWF recognises the Røst Reef as a global natural heritage that merits protection through Marine Protected Area (MPA) status.

  • Balmoral Reef Plate

    The Balmoral Reef Plate is a small tectonic plate (microplate) located in the south Pacific north of Fiji. Clockwise from the north, it borders the Pacific Plate, Australian Plate, Conway Reef Plate, and the New Hebrides Plate. The northern and western borders are a divergent boundary while the rest of the borders are transform and convergent boundaries. The Balmoral Reef Plate's ocean crust is less than 12 million years old and is spreading between the New Hebrides and Tonga subduction.

  • Ladd Reef

    Ladd Reef (Vietnamese: Đá Lát; Chinese: 日积礁; pinyin: Rìjī jiāo) is a Vietnam -controlled reef in the Spratly group of islands, South China Sea. China and Taiwan are also claimants of the reef. Like Spratly Island, Ladd Reef lies to the west of the Philippines-defined "Kalayaan Islands " claim area.

  • Conway Reef

    Conway Reef, known since 1976 by its Fijian name Ceva-I-Ra Reef, (pronounced [ˈðeβaiˈra ]), is a coral reef of atoll type 450 km southwest of the Fiji Islands and part of the Republic of Fiji. It is at 21°44′18″S 174°38′24″E . It is 2.5 km long in an east-west direction. On the middle of the reef is a small sand cay, 1.8 meters high and about 320 metres long and 73 metres wide, with a land area of two hectares. A stranded wreck of a coaster lies 240 metres south of the centre of the cay, and the wreck of a fishing vessel (Sang Sheng No. 168) lies on the northeast end of the reef. The reef is uninhabited apart from birds which appear to have almost no fear of humans. Administratively, the reef is part of the Western Division, Fiji and of the Nadroga-Navosa province.

  • Hughes Reef

    Hughes Reef

    Hughes Reef (Chinese: 东门礁; pinyin: Dōngmén jiāo, Vietnamese: đá Tư Nghĩa) is a reef in Union Banks in the Spratly group of islands, South China Sea claimed by the PRC (China), the ROC (Taiwan), the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It is only above water at low tide.

  • Reef lobster

    Reef lobster

    Reef lobsters, Enoplometopus, are a genus of small lobsters that live on reefs in the Indo-Pacific, Caribbean and warmer parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Sonja Reve

    Sonja Reve

    Sonja Reve is a French pornographic actress.

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