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- Noun

A muscle that serves to raise some part, as the lip or the eyelid.

- Noun

A surgical instrument used to raise a depressed part of the skull.

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  • Levator muscle

    Levator muscle can refer to:

  • Levator claviculae muscle

    In human anatomy, the levator claviculae is a very rare accessory and vestigial skeletal muscle in the posterior triangle of the neck. It originates on the transverse processes of the upper cervical vertebrae and is inserted in the lateral half of the clavicle. Though a supernumerary muscle present in only 2–3% of all people, it is not an abnormality but a variant of normal human anatomy with an atavistic character.

  • Levator muscle of thyroid gland

    Levator muscle of thyroid gland

    A fibrous or muscular band is sometimes found attached, above, to the body of the hyoid bone, and below to the thyroid isthmus, or its pyramidal lobe. When muscular, it is termed the Levator muscle of thyroid gland.

  • Levator scapulæ

  • Levator ani nerve

    Levator ani nerve is a nerve to levator ani muscles. It originates from sacral spinal nerve 4.

  • Levator palpebræ superioris

  • Levator palpebræ

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