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- Noun

A mineral of a color between white and steel-gray, with a metallic luster, and consisting chiefly of arsenic and iron.

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    Leucosyri, or Leucosyroi (Singular: Leucosyros), also known as Leucosyrians or White Syrians, are an ancient tribe that existed in Anatolia. They were eventually hellenised. The name "Leucosyri" derived from the Greek name Λευκόσυροι or Λευκοσύριοι meaning White Syrians. Possible theories of the origins of the Leucosyri is that they may have been related or an offshoot of the Persians who also inhabited Anatolia at the same time as the Greeks. Whether they are a subgroup of the Syro Hittites or Iranians or some form of relation, it's been believed by most scholars that the Leucosyri are of Iranian and Syro-Hittite origin with possible mixed Anatolian blood.

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